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Miscellaneous Metals Field Welding
We specialise in making it happen for you no matter what the problem. So if you're in need of on site welding, welding and fabrication, architectural fabrication, architectural welding, mobile welding, fitting and machining, on site fitting and machining, pressure welding, stainless steel welding, aluminium welding or phosphorous metal welding give us a call today!
Architectial & Steel Structural Febrication
Merit Iron is a full-service steel operation, using advanced technology to make the transition between design and fabrication easier. Our well-established systems use sophisticated 3-D modeling techniques to convert the architects' or engineers' drawings into buildable pieces and connectors. Merit Iron offers quality fabrication delivery and transporting of the components, crane & rigging services at the job site, and installation.
Ornamental Metal Work
The artistic vision can start as simply as a homeowner's idea, or come in a more detailed form like an architect's or interior designer's drawings. The project team works with you to develop detailed designs, and then artisans craft the designs using iron, stainless steel, aluminum or any other form of metal. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, merit iron takes field measurements, manufactures to the desired dimensions, and installs.
Featured Service List
  • »   Structural Fabrication
  • »   Miscellaneous metals
  • »   Architectural & Ornamental metals
  • »   Pipe work (black, stainless, and aluminum)
  • »   Custom metal fabrication
  • »   Form and Shear and punch
  • »   Tig Welding
  • »   Spot Welding
  • »   Heliarc on aluminum
  • »   Stainless Steel
  • »   Stainless Steel Chromoly and Mild Steel
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